The well rounded research team produces research papers from traditional disciplines such as Usool-ul-Fiqh,and Hadees to modern subjects such as Spiritual Economics, and Management Sciences. Each research goes through a rigorous process of reverification by the collective team, before it is sent for approval from an Islamic Scholar of the field. After approval the content is handed down to the management to be processed into various textual, graphical, and animated forms to be relayed to the masses.
Al Midrar’s Research Department also designs customized courses for various corporate and educational institutions. The courses are designed to improve the content’s delivery efficiency, retention time by utilizing pictograms and flow charts, and improving information recollection by employing anchors using Neurolinguistics Programing Techniques.
The Team is also involved in condensing knowledge from 10,000hours of educations to 1600hours in well formatted course for the modern day and age. The courses have summarized all relative knowledge into chunk sized lectures with textual and graphical representations. This has resulted in a huge influx of people from all walks of life, who previously did not have the means to access Islamic knowledge.
The Research Team also has a dedicated Linguistics Department which utilizes methods such as NLP to produce linguistic courses for the corporate world, with a focus on retention by application. The Linguistics Department also translates great Arabic works of Jurisprudence, Spirituality, Principles, History and Exegesis into different languages for the masses to consume.