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Dream about it. Act on it. Inspire others..

FOCUS. On the vision.

Success is achieved by ordinary people with extra ordinary determination; and the Ability to evolve Unique Ideas; to grow as the Vision grows. Those who believe in the indefectible combination of Natural Resources with Super Natural ones until the True Triumph in Light of the Vision comes to life.

THESE are the TRUE Leaders. Those who possess the matchless skills to translate their vision into a reality; executing it successfully-from ideas to words; from words to Minds; from minds to papers; from papers to models; selecting the best team and presenting it in the best way possible.

Discover the key to their uniqueness; their great ideas; perfection in execution; and many more secrets enabling them to not only conquer their dreams but also people’s hearts.

When: 29th May 2016 at 11am.

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Seeking knowledge about Allah dispels the darkness of ignorance prevailing within one’s soul. It’s not about blind love when the Beloved, Himself, has explained His matchless nature in the heavens and the earth.

The more you know Allah, the more your love for Him grows. Even if you spend your entire life pondering over His Attributes, you will never feel bored or satiated due to the vastness and beauty in the qualities and attributes of the Lord of the Worlds.
If you draw near to Him a hand span, He draws near to you an arm’s length, and if you draw near to Him an arm’s length, He draws near to you a fathom’s length. And if you go walking to Him, He will come running to you.

What is the Significance of Asma wa Siffaat (Names and Attributes of Allah)? What are the Usool of Ta’teel, Tamseel, Tahreef, Tafweez, Takyeef?

Why, with the Name of Allah, we begin everything or conversely, why everything begins with His name?
What kind of Deviations are there in the Tafseer of Asma wa Sifaat of Allah?

Join us to unlock these mysteries and learn about the Absolute Existence of Allah and His Flawless Attributes which demand a trial of Love, Hope & Trust at the upcoming workshop of Al-Midrar Institute, “Tawheed, Asma wa Sifaat”, by Shaykh Atif Ahmed.

When: 1st May 2016 at 11am.

The Only way to reach out to The Lord of the Worlds is through Ibadat.
But what does “Ibadah” mean? What are its Components; its Levels and Enhancements?

Does Ibadah encompass everything in religion?
What is the highest attainable position in this world and in the hereafter?
What Constituents of it are we not doing Properly?
Why don’t we reach the Level of Visionary Consciousness where we can see our Maqsood and Mahboob??

Join us in a Spiritually Tanked Workshop of Usool and Tazkiya to Perfect the Ibadat with ilm and Amal; and to get all your questions answered in Al-Midrar Institute’s upcoming workshop, “Al-Uboodiyah”, by Ustaaz Waqeeh Ali.

When: 27th March 2016 at 11am.

Do you know the Nature of the Created World? The Nature of the trials and tribulations of Mankind?

Why, exactly, did Allah send man on Earth?

What is the concept of Success in the trials of Mankind? What is the concept behind هدي and فلاح with ضلال and شقاوة in Trial of sending Man to Earth?

When: 21st February 2016 at 11am

Delve deeper into the Dynamics of Human Thinking & the Human Heart with Ustaaz Adeel Arfeen…
What is it after all that connects the Human Heart and Thinking;
The Human Heart in Hope, Fear and Love;
Its struggle against Death and Darkness of Impatience and Inconsistency…and much much more in Al Midrar’s upcoming workshop, Light and Life!
When: 17th January 2016 at 11:00 am In Shaa Allah.

A 6 hour Workshop “Uloohiyat” by Ustaaz Adeel Arfeen.

“Its about Sovereignty, Highness, Majestic Attributes and Existence of Allah whereas Servitude and Slavery of His Creation to Allah with heart Speech and Action”.

When: 15th November 2015 at 11:00 am.

6 hours intensive workshop that talks about the two powers of the heart. Each of them has an important part to play in order to achieve the purification of the heart.

6 hours intensive workshops that enables one to answer those questions that challenges peace, purpose and perception of original human nature.

8 hours workshop that discusses about the essence of Imaan. The coirse evolves around the 30 qualities of the heart, 7 qualities of the tongue and 23 qualities of the entire body.

5 hours workshop that emphasizes on the principles of Ibaadat and Methodology of Islam. Falling into bidah is indeed more evil than to fall into major sins as said in one of the prophetic traditions.

Leadership is a unique gift, given to those who are patient and have conviction in their hearts. This workshop enables one to lead against all odds and hardships of life with the belief in himself and the supernatural being.

A 16 hours workshops that covers the major part of the life of Prophet(S.A.W) including Meccan and Madenian . Indeed His Life shows the mark of submission to the creator of seen and unseen.

A 6 hours workshop that discusses about the essence of submission to the master is only valid if the slave does it with love. An opportunity to learn the principles of love and submission and be a true slave of Allah.

Names and attributes of Allah is known as the most important aspect of Tawheed. How can one love someone whom he doesn’t know? A perfect opportunity to learn the principles regarding the names and attributes of Allah.

Hadith (Prophetic traditions) serves as an explanation of Quran and is known as one of the primary sources of Shariah. However, hadith has been in the targets of critics in the modern era. This 8 hours workshop enables to answer basic confusions regarding its preservations and classifications.

Quranic interpretation or understanding is only valid if it is done with correct principles. This workshop enables one to have an overview of the principles of Exegesis and also discusses the implications of the verses on those issues that pertain to the modern dynamics of the society.

This workshops covers the main events of the life of the life of second caliph Umer bin Khatab(R.a). A journey of countable years with uncountable achievements in worth studying to revive that legacy today in the Ummah.

Planning without taking decision in waste and decision is waste and decisions without planning is blunder. Changing the filth of ignorance with the light of knowledge wouldn’t have been possible without divine help and planning. This workshop enables one to learn from the Islamic prospective. How to plan, decide and implement.