Our Workshops on Leadership

Dream about it. Act on it. Inspire others..

FOCUS. On the vision.

Success is achieved by ordinary people with extra ordinary determination; and the Ability to evolve Unique Ideas; to grow as the Vision grows. Those who believe in the indefectible combination of Natural Resources with Super Natural ones until the True Triumph in Light of the Vision comes to life.

THESE are the TRUE Leaders. Those who possess the matchless skills to translate their vision into a reality; executing it successfully-from ideas to words; from words to Minds; from minds to papers; from papers to models; selecting the best team and presenting it in the best way possible.

Discover the key to their uniqueness; their great ideas; perfection in execution; and many more secrets enabling them to not only conquer their dreams but also people’s hearts.

Join us to discover all this and much much more in the upcoming workshop of Al Midrar Institute, “Leadership” by Shaykh Atif Ahmed.