Ustaaz Sarang Abdul Rehman Wafai

Sarang Abdurrahman Wafai graduated from the London School of Economics & Political Science and co-founded Al-Midrar Institute where he serves as the Director of Research on Managerial Sciences. He is the former president of the Pakistani Students Association also serves as an advisor with various islamic associations.
As a student of comparative religion he has been actively involved in online dawah in many countries. He has worked as an officer with the Muslim Students Association at UTA Dallas, Texas.

He is the co-designer of the Safwa program, an accelerated alternative to traditional religious education.
Recently, he has helped design and launch Impel; an innovative strength based approach to educate young minds. He has written various articles to help raise awareness about Pakistan as a guest columnist at The Shorthorn newspaper.

He has worked with various mosques and Dawah organizations in the past to help people of various backgrounds to learn about Islam.