Shayan Shamim

Shayan Shamim is a highly passionate, motivated and determined professional, equipped with capabilities of motivating youth with his unique ideas. He is a business graduate from University of Toronto, Canada with majors in management sciences after which he pursued his career in supply chain and logistics.

During his undergrad he was also working as a screening specialist in the quality assurance department of Vista Investigations, FedEx. After which he decided to return to Pakistan and started his career in Pakistan as a financial analyst at Qineqt Corporation where his primary focus was on the industrial segment of the United States financial markets. His financial analysis and theses at Qineqt have been featured on Forbes, Yahoo finance and Google Finance.

Following this, he switched his career into the supply chain and logistics industry at TCS Express and Logistics as an assistant manager corporate strategy at TCS. Here he held the responsibility of implementing new strategies under the corporate umbrella which included reducing costs, developing new products and helping generate additional revenue. He is currently working as a Regional Director for Central Asia Associate for Corporate Strategy at TCS Private Limited where he has been given the responsibility to establish TCS in the ECO countries.

Apart from his corporate experience Shayan has been vested in serving the community by joining hands with a youth organization Al-Munadi where he tries to bring up young graduates from universities and engage them and help them in realizing their own capacities. His diverse background in corporate field makes him convincing for the youth to take initiatives in different fields.