Shaykh Atif Ahmed

Shaykh Atif Ahmed is the C.E.O of the educational institute under which several projects and organs operate including

1. Al Midrar Institute

2. Al Munadi (Social Wing)

3. Cyclone Labs (Graphic House)

Al Midrar Institute provides academic curriculums and research and development centre to facilitate all the facets of the society from schools, colleges and universities to help graduates, post graduate and doctorate programs. This is achieved by introducing concised educational workshops and lectureshops in an executive manner so that the society benefits from our endeavors and shape upto be intellectually enlightened individuals.

Al Munadi aims to create a culture of English speaking trainers and counselors from elite academic universities and colleges to counsel the young upcoming brains to enhance their skills and power to bring a change through their speech meanwhile facilitating them with spirituality and a deeper insight within their lives.

Cyclone Labs is our graphic animation facility to help animate and depict the difficulties of education and other intellectual sources. It is an in-house facility of Al-Midrar which works along with different organizations and institutes.


Shaykh Atif Ahmed has studied from the University of Houston, Dallas. He is currently the CEO of Al Midrar Institute, where he teaches Principles of Managment Sciences, Human Behavioural Pscyhcology, History, Spiritual Economics, Perceptional Entrepreneurship, Sociology, Ethics and Philosophy. Shaykh Atif completed his Aalim Course from Mahad ul Quran in front of Karachi University under the surveillance of Grand Shaykh Mufti Khaleel ur Rahman Lakhvi. He holds a certification in Quranic EXEGESIS From Mohaddis Mufti Shaykh Abdullah Amjad Chatwee and a certification in Saheeh al Bukhari from Shaykh Mehmood Ahmed Hassan.

Work Experience:

He has worked as the Head of Sales for Pioneer Overseas Traders, a company that is the sole distributor of Fleet Guards and Sakurah filteration units. Importers of Caterpillars, Cummins and Perkin engines. Also worked as the provider of electrical synchronizing units. He is the Microsoft Certified Professional. During his studies, he completed his internship at IBM. He has also worked as the Manager at Churchys in the Food Chain department in Dallas.

He holds the Directorship of the youth based organization which aims to provide the skills and training to students to contribute in the fields of management sciences, human behavioral sciences, philosophy, sociology, history, ethics, social values and character building.

He believes in transforming the state of the society by empowering the youth by enhancing their power of contemplation, cogitation and ponderance over the barriers and problems in their life by counseling the individuals and groups, thus providing them the platform to become responsible and civilized citizens of our society.

His Teachers:

1. Shaykh Khaleel ur Rahman Lakhvi (Graduate Madinah University).

2. Shaykh Abdul Rahman Zia (Graduate Madinah University).

3. Shaykh Mehmood ul Hassan (Shaykh of Hadeeth in Jamia Sattaria).

4. Shaykh Khaleel ur Rahman Aziz (Shaykh of Hadeeth in Mahad ul Quran).