Lecture series by Shykh Atif Ahmed
Basair - Lecture Series by Shaykh Atif Ahmed

What does the Quran teaches us? Why has Allah said in the Quran that if we would have revealed it in the mountains, they would have burst apart out of awe for Allah(59:21)? is Quran that impactful? Have we, in our lives, ever experienced that? Why did Allah says that this book is the healer of hearts?
Al-Midrar Institute presents an exclusive series Basair, light upon light to give on the opportunity to unlock the closed doors of one’s heart with the light of the Quran.
It will make one ponder upon the hidden treasures of the Quran. One will learn the practical application of the verses morally, spiritually and their impact on the soul. Quran attaches great significance to the human intellect. it is replete with verses of similar nature contextually rendering the use of mans intellect in religion, view and purpose of life, basic morality and ethics, to be in a state of error and Ignorance of reality and truth as the default position of man.

Basair would bridge this gap and enlighten your soul with the light of knowledge.

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