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Seeking knowledge about Allah dispels the darkness of ignorance prevailing within one’s soul. It’s not about blind love when the Beloved, Himself, has explained His matchless nature in the heavens and the earth.

The more you know Allah, the more your love for Him grows. Even if you spend your entire life pondering over His Attributes, you will never feel bored or satiated due to the vastness and beauty in the qualities and attributes of the Lord of the Worlds.
If you draw near to Him a hand span, He draws near to you an arm’s length, and if you draw near to Him an arm’s length, He draws near to you a fathom’s length. And if you go walking to Him, He will come running to you.

What is the Significance of Asma wa Siffaat (Names and Attributes of Allah)? What are the Usool of Ta’teel, Tamseel, Tahreef, Tafweez, Takyeef?

Why, with the Name of Allah, we begin everything or conversely, why everything begins with His name?
What kind of Deviations are there in the Tafseer of Asma wa Sifaat of Allah?

Join us to unlock these mysteries and learn about the Absolute Existence of Allah and His Flawless Attributes which demand a trial of Love, Hope & Trust at the upcoming workshop of Al-Midrar Institute, “Tawheed, Asma wa Sifaat”, by Shaykh Atif Ahmed.

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