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Online Applicative Quranic Arabic

Ever wondered why we do not cry when we hear the Quran and not able to understand the Divine Kalaam of Allah??

What can be better than understanding the words of Allah in the language it was revealed.
This course will comprehensively cover the grammatical dynamics of Quran with Arabic principles and its application.

Course Description:

Quranic Applicative Arabic course is designed in a way that helps one to solve atleast 60% of the grammatical structure of Quran. It focuses on applying the basic rules of Arabic rather than memorising them without knowing their use. Students get connected to Arabic by linking it’s mechanism with English and Urdu.

In just nine days rules are applied on several chapters and aayaats of Quran in a manner that when it is read or recited, the listener is able to extract the meanings out of it.

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Course Structure:

Articles of Speech
Possibilities of Compound Nouns
Types of Pronouns
Nominal Sentence
Verbal Sentence
Past, Present and Future Tense
Word of Order
Morphology of six different chapters
Chapters of emphasis


15 hours of class in 9 days
Case Studies
Application on the Quran

Learning Outcomes:

Understanding a large part of the Quran
Upon successful completion the student can enroll in As-Safwa 2 Year Degree Program

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