Guidance of Allah a real treasure

Guidance of Allah a real treasure

Remember when a famous celebrity who was astray at a point in their life and was doing impermissible actions that earn the displeasure of Allah immediately realizes that all their fame does not bring peace and tranquility to their heart and ends up leaving their career. All of a sudden, they are guided to the real truth with the guidance of Allah and they then live their lives seeking the pleasure of Allah. Indeed! Allah is All-Aware of our hearts and brings different admonitions to all the people. Those who accept the reminder are those who have got the gift of guidance. Who else can guide except Al-Hadiy (The Guider) Himself? It is only Allah’s guidance that guides them to the straight path. Only Allah’s guidance that brings them back to Islam.

Gift of guidance is the most precious blessing that one can have in this world of deception. When a person denies it, he denies to the most-precious blessing. Remember this guidance can either be your door to Jannah or Jahannum. It’s how you take it and act upon it. The Prophet (SAW) used to say in his khutbah – “Whomsoever Allah guides, none can lead him astray, and whomsoever Allah sends astray none can guide. The truest of the word is the Book of Allah and the best of guidance is the guidance of Muhammad.” (Sunan e Nisai)

How important is the guidance from Allah that we are ordered to recite and ask for it in our 5 times daily prayers (In Surah Al-Fatiha). You see today if the people in the world are on the pathway of righteousness is only because Allah Ta’ala has guided them with the truth. It is because of the guidance of ALLAH, one can clearly distinguish between right and wrong and can walk firmly upon the path and be steadfast on it at the same time.

Only those people receive the guidance who follow the Glorious revelation of Al-Qur’an. A true believer always turns back to Allah no matter how many times they have messed up in their life. They do not become hopeless and leave the rope of Allah. It is because of the guidance one yearns to perform righteous good deeds and strives with their soul and wealth and all that Allah has blessed them with for the sake of Him Alone. It is because of the guidance that one can live this life in peace and tranquility. It is because of the guidance that they have full conviction that they are sure to meet their Lord.

Therefore, we should always turn to Him for guidance and ask him to keep us firm upon His Deen. He who guides gives success and directs his servant to do things beneficial to others. The messenger of Allah (SAW) also said: “Allah the Most-High said, O My slaves! All of you are astray except whom I guide, so ask me for guidance and I shall guide you. (Tirmidhi)

A believer should seek guidance from the book of Allah because it contains the right guidance, the light and whoever adheres to it and holds it fast he is upon the right guidance and whoever deviates from it goes astray. When your Iman is at your lowest, you really have to make efforts to beg Allah for His guidance. Remember only the Guider guides those who are willing to guide. So, let’s have the thirst for guidance and let’s remember again it is only Allah’s guidance that guides us to the straight path and Allah’s forgiveness who further forgives us for all our mistakes.

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