About Al Midrar

Al Midrar is a resourceful research and academic institute that provides a comparative guide and practical knowledge to help individuals succeed at every stage of their life. We employ Islamic teachings with science to provide solutions for the moral and social complications faced either as an individual or either as a society. We aim to help individuals strengthen their personalities to surpass any hurdle they encounter and achieve prosperity in their lives.

Welfare & Counseling


Al Midrar also contributes to the welfare of society to demonstrate practical awareness to the students for being exemplary humans. Our charity aims include nutrition supply to poor areas, water well developments, establishing water drives, building mosques, arranging iftar on a daily basis during Ramadan, distributing blankets among needy ones, and many other objectives. Our students present themselves as volunteers and our dedicated Tharparkar team conduct these tasks and execute their part in helping mankind.



For people fighting with anxiety, depression, and fear due to the problems exhibited by society or even exhibited by their inner selves, we provide “talking therapy”. It makes a person’s moral and spiritual personality stronger and helps them conquer any hurdle in their life. Our therapists are dedicated to providing comforting therapies to individuals that help them overcome depression and ill feelings. So they can spend the rest of their life in peace and view the world from an optimistic perspective.


Meet Our Speakers

Shaykh Atif Ahmed

Shaykh Atif Ahmed, the founder of Al Midrar Institute, holds a degree from the University of Houston, Dallas. He teaches various subjects at the institute, including Principles of Management Sciences, Human Behavioral Psychology, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Art of War, and Islamic Creed.

Shaykh Adeel Arfeen

Shaykh Adeel Arfeen is the CEO of Al-Midrar Institute. He is a graduate of Institute of Business Management (IoBM) with majors in Marketing & Sales. Apart from that he has studied Islamic Jurist from Abu Bakr Islamic University.

Ustaaz Waqeeh Ali

Ustaadh Waqeeh Ali is a well-known speaker who conducts regular talks and workshops on issues related to youth, life, and purpose. He is particularly popular among young people for his engaging sessions on morality, ethics, and spirituality.

Ustaaz Arsalan Saleem

Ustaaz Tahir Latif

Shaykh Yahya Maqsood

Shaykh Khubaid Shahid

Mustafa Masood

Shaykh Khalil Ur Rehman Aziz

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