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Al Midrar Institute

Enlightenment with Education

Al Midrar Institute is a state-of-the-art academic research, training and solution-providing enterprise, established with the objective to help people achieve excellence in every facet of their lives.
Our journey is fueled with a determination to assert the epistemic applicability of the Islamic Sciences in the contemporary world as a valid, relevant and effective answer to the ever-increasing and ever-changing problems of the human self, in both its individual and collective capacities.
To achieve this magnanimous goal, Al Midrar has toiled hard to develop a unique and inspiring range of Courses, Workshops, Counseling Sessions and other Customized Trainings based Islamic Blend if needed by concern.
Our trainers and instructors are well-grounded in the Islamic tradition while also excelling in their respective fields of learning, ranging from psychology, entrepreneurship, management, and sales to education, economics, communication, and everything in between.
Al Midrar is dedicated to providing viable and effective solutions to people and organizations alike. We have the capacity to offer concise bite-sized solutions or detailed full-day workshops depending on the gravity and nature of the question at hand.
By the grace of Allah, our solutions have contributed to the actualization of many individuals and companies. Hence, we encourage people from all walks of life to get in touch regarding any problem that they might be facing, and we assure you that Team Midrar will have the best answers to your queries.
Furthermore, we do not limit ourselves to the academic or intellectual sphere only. Al Midrar is dedicated to improving the lives of people in every way possible and hence, we have initiated many welfare programs and activities under the umbrella of our organization to provide for the necessities and needs of those who cannot afford them in the first place.

Our Vision

Al Midrar aspires to become the epitome of Islamic Intellectualism, a place where people find profound solutions to contemporary problems through the learning, research and application of those timeless principles which had, to a very great extent, remained locked inside the classical Islamic corpus.

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