About Our Team

Our dedicated team is qualified with all the skills you want to benefit from. They aim to transfer their intellectual knowledge to the upcoming generation which will help preserve the valuable knowledge within society. Our team wants to leave a remarkable significant impact on the generation that will not only help them live a contented life but also enable them to overcome complications by themselves by following the footsteps of their teachers.

Meet Our Speakers

Shaykh Atif Ahmed

Shaykh Adeel Arfeen

Ustaaz Arsalan Saleem

Ustaaz Waqeeh Ali

Ustaaz Waqeeh Ali

Shaykh Yahya Maqsood

Shaykh Khubaid Shahid

Mustafa Masood

Shaykh Khalil Ur Rehman Aziz

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Our speakers have already provided their teaching services in universities, colleges, and other educational institutes. They are proud in delivering webinars, workshops, courses, and sessions that enlighten modern-day issues. Our speakers are ready to respond to unique questions backed by authentic research to eliminate misunderstandings from the mind of students. 

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