99 Name Of Allah
99 Name Of Allah

99 Name Of Allah

Al-Midrar Institute presents a 2-month online course, "99 Names of Allah," led by renowned scholar Shaykh Adeel Arfeen.

 This unique course offers you the opportunity to learn the importance and profound significance of Allah's names as they appear in the Quran. Through this course, you will discover the divine connection as Allah SWT intertwines pairs of His names, revealing their secrets, meanings, and significance.

The course is designed to deepen your understanding and spiritual connection with Allah SWT by exploring the essence of each name and the blessings they encompass. Whether you are familiar with Allah's names but do not know their meanings, this course will enhance your spiritual journey and enrich your faith.

Additionally, for those seeking a more comprehensive experience, we are offering an online executive version of the course starting soon. This extended program delves even deeper into the spiritual significance and meanings of Allah's names, aiming to enrich your spirituality and help you experience the boundless blessings of Allah's attributes.

Enroll now in the "99 Names of Allah" course to start your journey towards a deeper understanding of the divine. Don’t miss this chance to enhance your spiritual well-being and uncover the profound essence of Allah's names. Register today!


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